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Need a detailed picture of your well-being?
Don’t spend hours waiting at a clinic. Just take a self-exam. Or as we like to call it…
Take a Self-E
Weight Self-E
Health isn’t about the number of kgs. Fat distribution & stamina are the factors that really matter. So take this self-E and get a more holistic picture of your fitness.
(Let’s avoid saying cheese for this one! Too many calories J)
Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR)
Not all fat is bad. But if there’s too much around your waist & hips, you might face health risks in the future. So let’s find out, with a simple measuring tape.
Wrap the tape around the lower part of your ribcage to measure your waist circumference (WC).
To find out your hip circumference (HC), measure at the widest portion of your buttocks.
Divide WC by HC to get your
Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR).
If the ratio is 0.9 or below,
good work! Your weight is under control. Keep it that way.
If the ratio is higher than 1.0
your hips have excess fat. Time to hit the gym.
How to bring your WHR back to normal
Cardio & bodyweight exercises will help you lose weight overall, including your hips.
Use the stairs instead of elevators. Physical activity is key.
Limit high-sugar stuff like cakes, soda, candies, sweetened tea & coffee (unless it’s your birthday)
Remember: Spot reduction is a myth. Fat loss happens all over the body & there’s no way to concentrate it in a particular area.
Relative Fat Mass (RFM)
Don’t have access to a fat-percentage measuring machine? Sweat not! This test is an easy way to check fat levels
Note down your height and the circumference of your waist using a measuring tape.
Multiply the ratio by 20.
Subtract the answer from 64.
(If you hated maths in school, we recommend doing this on a calculator.)
RFM value & What it means
25 and above
This indicates obesity. But hey, you can still get healthier… with a few significant lifestyle changes.

For a comprehensive weight plan & diet guidance, talk to our doctors.
Your fat levels may cause problems as you grow older. So start exercising & eating a proper diet right now.
Cheers. You’re in the safe zone. Your diet & exercise regime is working for you!
Below 7
You have lesser fat than required for healthy functioning. Add weight-gaining foods to your diet ex. nuts, milk, meat, potatoes, fish etc.
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Stamina test
This one is a stairing contest! Try climbing two flights of stairs without stopping and check your level of exhaustion after.
Can go about another flight without panting?
Your energy levels are healthy. No reason to worry.
Feeling short of breath? Looking for a place to sit already?
This indicates a lack of stamina. Your excess weight might be causing the exertion.
How to increase your stamina?
Eat 3-4 small healthy meals rather than 2 large meals. This prevents sudden drops in energy levels.
Start exercising. For a shorter duration at first. Then keep increasing the time as you build up your stamina.
Don’t overlook the need for sleep. 8 hours is the minimum number for your slumber.