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Best Anti-Slip & Sweat Resistant Exercise Mat

Premium TPE Yoga & Exercise Mat

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Start floor exercises most comfortably with Man Matters Yoga Mat. Made from TPE material; it is eco-friendly and multipurpose. It is strong enough to hold every pose and bear every exercise without tearing. The dual-gripped texture doesn't let you slip and doesn't move even when trying the most strenuous workouts. Break a sweat without the worry of odour or sweat-staying on your mat. This shoe-friendly mat is durable and washable - make all the mess without the fear of intensive clean up. It's time to start your fitness journey with our Yoga Mat.
Our Yoga Mat has dual anti-slip sides with a unique texture. This helps you do different yoga poses without worrying about losing your grip or sliding the mat on the floor. Prevent any accidental falls and stretch without the fear of falling.
Sweat-Resistant and Waterproof
Sweat it out without the fear of odour. This mat traps the moisture in the mat itself and doesn't let the moisture out, keeping your mat clean and free of dampness.
Easy to clean
Multiple uses may sometimes lead to dirt marks or blots. Keep your mat hygienic! This Yoga Mat is easy to clean; just use some soap and water to rinse the mat.
Lightweight and Travel-friendly
Taking a class outside or have plans of doing yoga with friends? Take this mat with you. Man Matters Yoga Mat is light and comes with straps so that you can take it anywhere without any worries!
Multi-Purpose and Shoe-Friendly
This exercise mat can be used for Pilates, Stretching, Meditation, Strengthening, Toning, Restorative Floor Exercise and Yoga. Worried about damaging the floor with shoes? Don't worry this mat is resistant and shoe friendly.
Who is it for
You're looking for an multi purpose exercise mat
You're looking for a shoe-friendly mat
You are looking for a durable mat
You're looking for an anti-slip mat
You're looking for a sweat and waterproof mat
You want a washable mat
You want a travel-friendly mat
You are a Yoga expert or beginner
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How does it do it?
TPE is a water-proof earth-friendly material made for floor exercises. Made using closed-cell technology, it means that they have an impenetrable texture and repel sweat and dirt. Shoe-friendly, dual-textured mat makes it non-slip and anti-slip, letting you do heavy-duty exercises without the worry of ripping the mat. Heavily cushioned yet lightweight, it makes this mat safe to use and travel-friendly.
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Ingredients list
TPE Material
How to Use
Unroll the mat on a flat surface.
Once done, roll it and keep it in a dry and uncramped place.
Want to wash it? Dampen a cloth with a mix of soap and water. Gently rub on the mat. Let it dry before use.
What it works best with?
Healthy diet
Eating fresh, whole foods like fruits & salads will help improve your health and strength. All this so you can try more tough postures.
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Can't be used with shoes
Can't be washed

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Premium TPE Yoga & Exercise Mat
This Yoga Mat is 60 cm x 180 cm and 6 mm thick
This Yoga Mat is made out of EVA cushioning. The soft cushion will help you break your fall.
Yoga as a discipline doesn't require shoes. We wouldn't recommend using shoes while using this mat.
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Best Anti-Slip & Sweat Resistant Exercise Mat
Premium TPE Yoga & Exercise Mat
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