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Intimate Wipes for Clean Private Parts
On-the-go solution for freshness!

SWIPE Cleansing Wipes

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These refreshing cleansing wipes made of soft carefully woven material are specially designed to meet men’s unique hygienic needs and provide extra care for you by getting rid of sweat and bacteria.
Thoughtfully chosen ingredients to give you the best invigorating feel and cleanse
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera moisturises the skin and leaves a cooling sensation.
Cucumber Softens and refreshes your skin, giving it some cool vibes!
Tea Tree
Tea Tree Defends against rashes and redness.
Aquaxyl Locks moisture, freeing up your skin for a better feel.
Allantoin Boosts tissue regeneration, so your skin & you, both feel younger.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E Prevents skin degeneration. The E stands for Excellent skin health.
Paraben Free
No Dyes Used
Neutral pH-Balanced
Anti Itch
Anti Odor
Anti Bacterial
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3 Reviews
5 Best product
Works effectively Use it for atleast 3 months to see good results Be patient guys it's medically proven and it gives good results Use my coupon code 7355162803 to get 100 rs in your wallet it's working Try it once you won't regret Very good delivery service Best part their products are genuine
Rashid Ak
5 0
5 💙
Overall great experience,and i specialy like this individual pack.
Yash Joshi
0 0
5 Uff.
Intimate area would be ready in few seconds after work out by using this.
Subhankar Das
1 1
Questions & Answers
Q. Can ur wipes be used as toilet paprr
A. Hello Simar

It is not advisable to use as toilet paper.

Team Man Matters
0 0
Q. Can I use it for sweaty palm and feet
A. Hi Saif,

Thanks for your enquiry. These refreshing cleansing wipes made of soft carefully woven material are specially designed to meet men’s unique hygienic needs and provide extra care for you by getting rid of sweat and bacteria. You can definitely use it palm, feet's & wherever you want. For more information please visit

Team Man Matters :)
Saif Shaikh
0 0
Q. Can I use it for face
0 0
Q. T . Pudukkottai
A. Hello Pandi,

Please book a free consultation with our doctor at The consultation will happen on call or video. The doctor will spend time understanding your issues and suggest the best way forward.

Man Matters
Pandi Selvam
0 0
Q. Can I use it to clean the inside of the foreskin?
A. Hello Ravi

Ideally, use this in the external areas. You can clean the inside of your foreskin with water when you take a bath and with our intimate wash.

Man Matters
0 0
Q. How much swipe in one box?
A. Hello Ajay

One box contains 30 wipes

Man Matters
Ajay Rawat
0 0
Q. Can we use for ear cleaning, inner ear cleaning purpose
A. Hello Rakshith

We don't recommend using this for inner ear cleaning

Man Matters
0 0
Q. Can we use wipes for ear cleaning
A. Hello Raskh

We don't recommend to use this for cleaning your inner ear.

Man Matters
0 0
Q. How long is the expiry period of one swipe packet?
Akshay Thomas
0 0
Q. When to use this tissues ive ordered the wash plus tissues my question is just when to use this tissues
A. Hello Arbaaz

You can use it any time in the day to keep your private groin area clean and refreshed.

Man Matters
Arbaaz Bhati
0 0
Q. Can it be used for face
A. No, we recommend to avoid for facial usage.
Chetan Rehal
0 0
Q. How many wipes does this pack has
A. Hi Harshdeep, there are 30 wipes in the pack
Harshdeep Agrawal
0 0
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The average day can be quite taxing for the skin with dust, heat and pollution. But now you can keep your skin clean and fresh, with just a Swipe.
Formulated with proprietary freshening ingredients to keep your skin silky soft and healthy. Swipe away bacteria to maintain optimal skin health and reduce odor.
SWIPE feature our proprietary ingredients to actively balance pH levels for gentle cleaning and refreshing, especially with the effects of the soothing aloe vera and cucumber.
Our individually packaged wipes can be carried in your pocket or wallet, since they’re approximately the size of a credit card.
Instantly removes pollutants from the skin.
Enhances skin over time & supports cell renewal.
Protects the skin from dryness & prevent itchiness.
Kills foul odour keeping you fresh at all times.
How does it fit my lifestyle?
While sweating it out in the gym
SWIPE lower the risk of fungal infections. 99% of germs are spread through hands. Be it at a health club, private gym, tennis club or while playing. SWIPE reduce the risk of skin infections.
When you’re on the road
SWIPE features thick, soft and gentle pre-moistened wipes to clean, disinfect, and deodorize the skin thus making them the perfect companion for camping, backpacking, hiking, travelling, bike riding, and all other outdoor activities.
Here's what happens once you start using SWIPE
Fresh and Clean Skin
All the ingredients work together to give you the best ever clean for your skin, making you feel fresh, clean and confident the whole day.
No Skin Degeneration
Our special pH Balancing formula balances the alkaline, which prevents your skin to bestripped of their protective barriers, leaving your outer layer protected against chafing, itching, and overall irritation.
No Bacterial and Fungal Infections
Ingredients with Anti Inflammatory, Anti- Fungal, Antibacterial properties come together in SWIPE to give you protection from infections especially from minor cuts, rashes as it boosts skin and tissue regeneration as well.
How to SWIPE?
Gently wipe the area you want to cleanse from left to right/top to bottom
Use a fresh SWIPE every time you wipe
After use, dispose without worry. They are eco-friendly!
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Here's what SWIPE doesn't do
Become a One time solution
Hygiene can be improved if made into a habit and used regularly, just like bathing
Replace your shower
It is important to still keep yourself clean with a regular shower
Find true love
We can only make you feel more fresh and confident throughout the day. Use that power wisely.
Make you very popular
People who truly matter don't care about how you look. They will care about how you smell though, so maybe a little popular
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SWIPE Cleansing Wipes
Yes, you can use this daily as it ivery gentle on your skin.
Yes the tree tea oil in SWIPE helps in preventing the bad odour.
SWIPE has been thoughtfully and carefully formulated using choicest ingredients hence it is gentle and is very less prone to create skin reaction. However, we recommend you to do a patch test before using it.
The size of SWIPE is 180 X 130 MM .
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On-the-go solution for freshness!
SWIPE Cleansing Wipes
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