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With Gokshura & Ashwagandha

PERFORM Vitality Tablets (60N)

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🧪 How is L-Arginine helpful?

🥱 Reduced Exercise Fatigue: The improved blood flow and oxygen delivery facilitated by L-arginine may help reduce the perception of fatigue during exercise. By optimizing nutrient and oxygen supply to muscles, L-arginine may contribute to delaying the onset of fatigue.

🦾Support for Muscle Growth: L-arginine is involved in the synthesis of proteins, and it is essential for the production of growth hormone. Some athletes and bodybuilders use L-arginine supplements with the belief that it may support muscle growth and recovery, although the scientific evidence on this aspect is not entirely conclusive.

🙌🏻Enhanced Recovery: Improved blood flow can aid in the removal of metabolic waste products from muscles, potentially speeding up the recovery process after intense exercise.

2 month pack | 60 gummies
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