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7 Tips to Help You Watch Less Porn, According to Sex Experts

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7 Tips to Help You Watch Less Porn, According to Sex Experts

As per the report, around 40 million Americans watch porn videos daily. It is good till it gives you an entertaining pleasure. However, negative consequences often leave one wondering how to stop watching porn and how to get rid of its addiction.

Pornography is accessible everywhere, be it laptops or smartphones. Various apps are dedicated to it, becoming a centre of attraction for modern youth. There isn't any problem till you watch it for pleasure.

But what happens when it becomes an addiction to you? Let's learn what porn addiction means and how to quit porn addiction.

What Is Porn Addiction?

Porn addiction is the feeling of hypersexuality, wherein a person is highly dependent on pornography, interfering with their daily lives, relationships, and sometimes, functional ability.

It does not get addicted until it negatively affects your life. Experts do not recognize it as one of the psychiatric ailments, yet health professionals find porn addiction real.

The study reveals that approx 3-6% of this disorder is prevalent. However, it is difficult to determine its actual rate due to a lack of vital information and classification.

Watching pornography becomes an addiction when it becomes the main focus of one's life. Consequently, it starts interfering with individuals' responsibilities, daily activities, mental and physical well-being.

Signs Of A Porn Addiction

Typically, porn addicts have an uncontrollable desire to watch porn at any space and time in a day. Although it is tricky to identify them due to the lack of official diagnosis techniques, how do you know if you have a porn addiction? Here are the common signs:

1. High Usage

One spends more time watching porn, and it gets impossible to stop even when you feel like stopping it. It seems that it is not enough despite how long you watched it. High usage here means you keep watching it amidst your work time.

2. Dissatisfaction

Unless you watch porn, one keeps feeling unsatisfied. Hence, without the involvement of porn, you feel unsatisfied with your partner or sex life.

3. Constant Thoughts

Even if you wonder how to stop watching porn, you constantly keep thinking about it during your work or family time. It often hinders one from focusing on one's responsibilities.

4. Unable to Quit

Despite trying to stop watching porn every time, you fail to do so. You are unable to discontinue watching it despite feeling guilty or ashamed.

5. Interfere With Daily Work Chores

If watching porn becomes your foremost priority than your work and responsibilities, it means one is addicted to pornography.

If you witness such signs, it is time to look for its causes and remedies of how to quit porn addiction.

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What Causes It?

There are no definable causes of porn addiction due to its controversial aspect in the health community. Depending upon the complexity of issues, possible causes differ from individual to individual.

However, some of the common causes of porn addiction include:

1. Sexual Relationship Problems

Sexual dissatisfaction is the popular reason why a married individual gets addicted to pornography. If a person struggles to remain sexually satisfied with the partner or is dissatisfied in their relationship, they are more likely to tilt towards porn.

2. Biological Factors

Changes in the brain's chemical structure increase the addiction risk, tending one to watch more porn. Moreover, medical conditions like dementia or epilepsy impact the brain controlling one's sexual behaviour.

3. Cultural Influence

Unhealthy and unrealistic cultural attitudes towards sex also tilt towards harsh pornography.

4. Behavioural Addiction

There is a situation when a person feels either stressed or bored or anxious or lonely. Research reveals such behavioural changes give rise to internet pornography addiction.

How To Stop Watching Porn?

If you are genuinely looking for remedies of how to stop watching porn, here are the tips to help you out:

1. Analyze the Reasons Why You Want to Give Up

There can be several reasons for watching porn, including porn addiction, dissatisfied sexual relationships, rift with your partner, and many more. It is not mandatory to be a porn addict if you are looking for how to stop watching porn. Find the reasons for which you want to stop watching porn. It is so because it will help you remain accountable when you are tempted to watch it.

2. Make Changes in Your Surroundings

One's surroundings play a vital role in getting triggered to watch porn. When you maintain any activity for a longer time, it becomes your habit, which is quite tough to change. Similarly, modern youth fall prey to peer pressure and get addicted to porn.

If you are looking for how to stop watching porn, it is time to change your surroundings and company as soon as possible. It helps a lot when you change the existing environment. It helps keep you away from such thoughts and limits the habit of watching porn.

3. Seek the Help of a Support Group

When you join a support group, they help you ease the recovery journey. They provide a safe and relaxing environment, wherein you can share your struggles and ill feelings that made you a porn addict.

You even hear similar experiences from other members of the group. It provides a feeling that you are not alone, helping change your psychological view of pornography.

4. Give Priorities to Your Values

Values play an optimum role in maintaining a positive change in life. In other words, rather than looking for remedies of how to quit porn addiction, change your goals and bend your values toward fulfilling the latter.

Despite focusing on avoiding factors (here pornography), focus on new goals positively. Changed values and a positive outlook automatically keep you away from it, helping you stop watching pornography.

5. Don't Give Up in the Middle of the Recovery Journey

Changing the habit of watching porn or getting rid of watching porn is a recovery journey, wherein one has to face many obstacles. In this new journey, there are chances that one might slip into the older habit.

If you face such issues, avoid slipping back. Instead, perform research and focus on coping mechanisms without wasting even a second. Do something creative which keeps you away from watching porn.

6. Perform Physical Activities or Do Exercise

Exercise plays a vital role in enhancing physical and mental health. Moreover, when you are physically fit, you can transform your energy healthily and productively. It helps control the reward impulse, keeping you away from porn addiction.

7. Meditation

Meditation is the best way of reorganizing your focus and life aim. It even helps in managing your thoughts and emotions. Meditation proves beneficial in the initial stages of the porn addiction recovery journey.

It helps redirect the intrusive thoughts to focusing on your breath. Hence, porn thoughts tend to leave when you are completely relaxed.

Treatment For Porn Addiction

If how to stop watching porns options fail to provide precise benefits, it is time to have a word with the sex therapist. Although there isn't any specific treatment for porn addiction, therapists help deal with psychological threats like sexual shame, relationship problems, and depression.

Here are some strategies that help in the treatment of porn addiction:

1. CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is the common approach to deal with addiction. The main aim of CBT is to find and change the negative thoughts and behaviour of a person.

2. ACT

Acceptance and commitment therapy or ACT is one of the forms of psychotherapy used for treating porn addiction. ACT treatment focuses on identifying and accepting the impulse of watching porn and uses a value-based approach to manage such impulsions and symptoms.

3. Relationship counselling

Relationship issues with partners is one of the reasons for porn addiction. Through couple counselling, one can talk about their grievances and what position does porn holds in their relationship. Proper counselling further develops trust among the partners.

4. Medication

Sometimes, how to quit porn addiction remedies does not prove much helpful. Instead of using pornography to deal with other issues, medication will help you deal with the hidden circumstances.

How To Help A Loved One?

Merely watching porn is not a concerning matter. If your loved ones genuinely enjoy it without any ill impact on their behaviour, there isn't any problem. However, if they have become a porn addict, here are some ways of dealing with them:

1. Communicate to Ignite Actions

If you notice the signs of porn addiction, it is high time to communicate with them regarding the matter. Act as an accountable buddy and help the person instead of making fun or rebuking them. Clear-cut communication is the first step to psychotherapy.

2. Provide Emotional Assistance

If the porn addict is open with you, be a supporter and pacify them to deal with the situation. Show some empathy and suggest lucrative ideas to keep them away from watching porn.

3. Initiate Non-judgemental Actions

Talk to your loved one regarding different techniques to deal with porn addiction. Make them learn what is important for their well-being rather than giving the burden of your views upon them.

Summing On How To Stop Watching Porn

If your loved one is dealing with porn addiction, these tips and tricks and treatment techniques would surely help them out. Clear-cut communication is essential if you are looking for solutions to how to stop watching porn. It is the base upon which every trick work and treatment progresses.


Is Porn An Addiction?

Although it is a trending topic nowadays, whether porn is an addiction or not is still a controversy. As per APA or American Psychological Association, reviewers failed to determine enough evidence to include for porn addiction definition.

Some associate it with the brain's chemical change. However, it requires more studies to state porn as an addiction. If watching porn becomes the prime focus for youths than their career, they need quick counselling and treatment to deal with it.

Does Porn Kills Sex Drive?

Watching porn continuously than needed releases dopamine, a hormone providing sexual pleasure. Hence, people prefer masturbating to pacify the dopamine release. They find masturbating more satisfying than the actual sex, thereby jeopardizing their sex life, intimacy, and sexual performance.