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Solutions Designed for
Men’s Unique Hygiene Needs
Are you experiencing
bacterial infection? Is it hampering
your overall productivity?

Groin infection is a symptom of an
active yet less hygienic lifestyle
and can be caused by fungus.
This can be cleared up by keeping
intimate parts of your
body clean and dry.
Are you facing
skin irritation? Is constant itching
one of your headaches?

Its important to improve overall
intimate hygiene and wellness with
science backed combination of
herbs and botanicals that will
protect and rejuvenate most intimate
skin of your body.
Have you tried everything
to get rid of sweat and unwanted
odour down there? Are you still searching?

Get solutions that are engineered
for men, with silver nano tech
and anti bacterial, anti odour
wipes to keep you protected from
infections and fresh all day long.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Men's personal hygiene kit should contain products to keep armpits and intimate areas dry, toothbrushes for oral hygiene, deodorant/anti perspirant and anti bacterial cleansing soaps to keep the body clean when showering. Personal hygiene is important to prevent bacteria, illnesses and bad odour in the body.
Men can use V Wash but V wash is an intimate wash designed for women. The intimate areas between men and women have different requirements and therefore it's better to use an intimate wash tailored for men where the focus is to balance the pH levels of the skin and remove bacteria.
Different men have different preferences in underwear. In many instances, underwear choice also depends on whether you're in office, playing a sport or going to sleep. However, it's important to have underwear that absorbs sweat well and keeps your intimate areas cool and dry.
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