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Home Alone During Quarantine - 5 Daily Activities That Will Help You Stay Positive

2 min read
Home Alone During Quarantine - 5 Daily Activities That Will Help You Stay Positive

Self-quarantine- While it is the most necessary course of action advocated during this coronavirus pandemic, it is easier said than done. When it comes to working from home, many of us may not feel a lot of change in-terms of our daily routine. Surrounded by our family, we may actually be comfortable with this turn of events. However, the same may not be the case for people living alone. 

People living alone have to deal with two major drawbacks of social isolation, stress and loneliness. 51% of adults who felt stressed ended up feeling depressed, and 37% of them also reported feeling lonely as a result. These both are caused due to the lack of social contact. As we know, humans are social animals. Due to our process of evolution, isolation has always been a big challenge for us. If you are living alone during this lockdown, don’t worry, we have a few suggestions to help you stay positive.

Follow a strict routine 

While working from home leaves us wishing for a lazier and relaxed lifestyle, we need to primarily focus on sticking to a routine. This helps you stay focused on your work and also helps you feel motivated throughout the day. The main purpose of following a strict routine is to encourage yourself and clarify your boundaries. 

Connect digitally 

You can also engage in online activities with your friends. While each of you may be far, you can play a game of Pictionary or other party games online. With the growing popularity of such mobile apps, you can easily enjoy games nights right from the comfort of your house.

Enrol in an online course 

Due to this coronavirus pandemic, we all have been working from our houses, thereby eliminating the need for travelling. This saves us a lot of time, which now can be used effectively. Utilize this time and teach yourself a new skill which may come handy in the future. There are ample online courses that can help you learn new things. Enrol in any course you like and spend your time efficiently during this quarantine.

Clean your house 

Just as you need to have a proper routine for your day, it is necessary for you to keep your house clean as well. Other than improving the look and feel of your house, it also has a positive effect on your mental health. Cleaning is known to decrease the stress levels by 20%, so maybe next time you feel stressed, try this out.

Engage in a hobby 

Self-isolation gives you more time to focus on yourself. Try your hand at painting, cooking or any other activity that you always desired to do. Dedicate this time now and engage yourself by taking up your favourite hobby as it helps you to feel more relaxed. 

Mental health is as important as your physical well-being. Try out these five methods to cheer yourself during this self-quarantine. Enjoy this new schedule and try your best to stay calm as you enjoy this new experience. Always remember to express how you feel as it may help you more than you can know. Read more about the importance of expressing your emotions in our blog. Check it out now!