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Hair Removal for Men 101: Everything YOU Need To Know

How to remove body hair permanently? Here we have shared a hair removal guide with various methods such as waxing, shaving, laser and home methods.

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Hair Removal for Men 101: Everything YOU Need To Know

Back in the 1970s and 1990s, shaggier styles were vogue, and one considered body hair the manifestation of manhood. Times changed, and trimmed or well-kempt body hair became the standard fashion.

Soon, everyone started removing all or some heavy clusters of hair from the chest, arms and legs to make the body look more muscular and toned.

More men began focusing on manscaping their body hair to look better and feel confident.

This guide is all about body hair removal for men, including the different methods and tips on removing the hair.

Different Methods For Male Hair Removal

While there is no rule of thumb for using a specific method for hair removal, there are several ways for men to remove body hair. Different men prefer different ways of manscaping their hair, some of which are listed below:


Most men are scared at the thought of painful and torturous waxing. Hence, waxing for men is the least desired among the many methods.

However, there are some pros to men's waxing as well.

Pros of Waxing

  • Waxing removes hair from the root, which takes a long time to re-grow.
  • While the re-grown hair in shaving is thick and blunt, waxing leaves the hair thinner and weaker.
  • Waxing not only removes hair but dead cells as well to give your skin a shiny appearance.

Cons of Waxing

  • Painful as compared to others.
  • Wax leaves the chances of infection with the opening of skin pores.

Full Body Wax For Men

Full Body waxing has become prominent among males with muscles and athletic physiques. This process consists of pulling out the unwanted hair from parts of the body like arms, legs, chest, thighs, back, stomach, buttocks, and neck.

Face Wax For Men

Some men prefer face waxing over tedious shaving because face wax for men makes hair re-grow slowly.

If you are not so fond of your beard and prefer to keep it clean, you can use men's facial hair removal wax at home or a nearby salon.

Pubic Hair Wax

One of the best methods of hair removal for men's private parts is pubic hair waxing. Pubic hair waxing leaves you with smooth skin for at least four weeks.

Though there are several waxing products to try waxing for men at home, it is better to hire a professional to get hot wax done on any part of your body to avoid the risk of injuries or infections.

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Shaving is one of the most prevalent hair removal methods among males. Right from puberty, men adapt themselves to the use of razors and trimmers.

Pros of Shaving

  • Quick: Shaving is a quick time-saver, as it takes less than 10 minutes to scrape off the hair.
  • No Pain: As compared to painful waxing, shaving is smooth and gives absolutely no pain.
  • Cheap: Shaving is five times less expensive than waxing and even more affordable than laser.

Cons of Shaving

  • Ingrown Hair: Shaving in the wrong direction can give rise to scratches or ingrown hair.
  • Quick Growth: Hair from your body parts that one shaves off grows faster than when you wax.

Full Body Shave

Manscaping your body hair could be tedious and feel itchy at different parts. However, you can get complete body shaving using the shaving creams that make hair removal easy.

Make sure to shave carefully to avoid shaving bumps and burns.

Shaving Chest and Under Arm Hair

Besides waxing chest hair, you can also try to shave burly hair. Apply a dime of cream and rub it gently. You would be able to pull off your chest hair smoothly.

Most men also resort to shaving to remove arm hair and underarm hair to get rid of them.

Laser Hair Removal For Men

If you are looking to permanently get rid of body hair, then the laser method is the right choice. A laser device sends out the pulsed laser light to pull off dark pigments and impair hair follicles.

However, laser methods are still less prevalent because of their cost and specific side effects.


  • Permanent Hair Removal for Men: The laser method reduces or slows down hair growth by up to 40% to 80%.
  • Less Time Consuming: Laser methods are the most visibly effective and take less than 10 minutes. One can swipe off large areas at once.
  • Can Be Done Anywhere: Laser methods scrape off hair from any part; stomach, back, underarm, pubic area, legs and arms or chest.


  • Expensive: Laser methods are the most expensive ones. On average, men's hair removal costs around Rs 30,000-40,000.
  • Risk Of Pigmentation: There is a chance of increased pigmentation or hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Laser reduction is one of the best methods to remove unwanted hair from your chest, back, abdominal area, legs, and arms altogether.

Back hair removal is a time-consuming process. Hence, Full body hair removal for men is done in three to four appointments.

Underarm Hair Removal

Underarm hair removal is one of the most desired things that men want. Laser devices scrape off hair follicles permanently from the underarm for at least 3-4 months.

How To Remove Body Hair at Home?

Apart from the above methods, you can save yourself the hassle of going to salons or scheduling appointments by trying some remedies at home.

Well, men's hair removal cream for private parts, chest, and face are available in India. Using pubic hair removal cream for men after a shower works efficiently by breaking the keratin structure, which weakens the hair and breaks off and wipes away easily.

Further following mixes can also work for hair removal if applied every alternate day.

  • Lemon juice and sugar
  • Oats powder and banana

Manscaping your unwanted hair isn't a big deal and can be done easily at home. While there are various home remedies, it is still better to hire a professional for waxing or laser treatments.

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Can a guy wax his pubic hair?

Yes, a guy can wax his pubic hair. One mainly uses hard wax for sensitive areas such as the scrotum and penis.

Should a man get waxed?

Apart from being painful, waxing can help remove hair for a longer time, and the re-grown hair is weaker and thinner. There is no problem with a man getting waxing done.

How much does male waxing cost?

Male waxing cost in India starts from INR 500, depending on the services.