How To Cure Premature Ejaculation?

How To Cure Premature Ejaculation?

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Hello, my name is Prof. X, and I am here to… and, that’s it I’m done. Goodbye. 

That ended sooner than expected. What did we miss here? Well, pretty much everything in between the hello and the goodbye. If that doesn’t define this matter in the most layman terms, we’re not sure the scientific definition below would do any better. But let’s try and have a look anyway, shall we?

Alright. Sit down. Stand. Lie down. Whatever you are comfortable with. Let’s talk. This could very well be a sensitive issue to talk about, but that’s the beauty of the human body. It’s not perfect; if it were, we’d all be clones with nothing unique to offer. So, let’s embrace the flaws of our bodies, because now, thanks to science and medicine, a lot of issues which might seem ‘embarrassing’ have cures. Things like premature ejaculation- why are you widening your eyes? It’s okay, Google how many people have PE. Many more than you could ever imagine. So yeah, let’s talk about it. And calm down, it can be cured in ways more than one. 

What is Premature Ejaculation? 

Premature Ejaculation occurs when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates far too quickly, without having much control over it. It is the most common of the three main types of Ejaculation. The other two being Delayed Ejaculation, where the man takes more time to reach that much-anticipated climax and Retrograde Ejaculation, where the semen is redirected to your bladder. In some cases, Premature Ejaculation occurs with little or no penile stimulation. 

But, before we move forward, let us tell you that sometimes, episodes of premature ejaculation are common due to many simple motivators. Abstaining from sexual activity for a long time or extreme sexual attraction to the partner. These are occasional episodes and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However, if it does happen so frequently that it interferes with your sexual pleasure or that of your partner, then it could be a medical problem. 

Let’s Bust Some Myths About Premature Ejaculation


We’d be lying if we said we did not intend to put that pun there. But, let’s look at some myths surrounding this very complex, yet, very important topic. 

It’s all in your head

This is partly true. Yes, there are many psychological causes to it. Just like any normal issues like stress, depression, anxiety about sexual performance, body image, strict upbringings about sex or traumatic sexual encounters in your childhood. But- and this is a very strong but here- scientists have proved that in spite of these psychological factors, there could be established underlying causes like neurotransmitter imbalances or factors that could also be genetically determined. 

There is no real cure

Also, partly true. Just like there is no real cure to your common cold. You know you have it when you see the symptoms, then you learn to deal with it for the next few days and it’s gone. PE is no different. The real myth here is that if you have PE, you have it all the time. That is simply not the truth. In a lot of cases, it could also be circumstantial and you could learn to deal with it just like you deal with a common cold, but in the most extraordinary ways. Let us tell you how.

Delay Spray 

A randomised double-blind placebo trial conducted in the Czech Republic gave the world a significant measure to not only prolong sex in men who experienced lifelong premature ejaculation, but the study concluded that it also helped improve sexual satisfaction.

A recent study also reported that a metered-dose aerosol spray which had a eutectic mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine produced a 2.4 fold increase in baseline IELT in the subject, as well as significant improvements in ejaculatory control, along with bettering the sexual quality-of-life of both patients and their partners.


This is yet another scientific marvel that has truly changed the lives of men who experienced PE. It belongs to the SSRI family of drugs and was first sold as an antidepressant, but its fast-absorbing properties make it more suitable for treating Premature Ejaculation. Based on your diagnosis by a licensed medical practitioner, Dapoxetine could be taken occasionally to help prolong ejaculation and help develop a sense of control over it.

Kegel Exercises

Sometimes, even your penis might need exercise. Hold your horses (Or don’t, just yet). Kegel exercises are like a workout routine, except for your penis, that aims to bring in more control over your pelvic floor muscles. In one study, pelvic exercises and electrostimulation led to a cure in premature ejaculation in 50% of patients with a history of lifelong premature ejaculation, within two to six months of starting therapy.


There are condoms in the market that come with specially formulated lubricants that not only decrease sensitivity but also help reduce the risk of early arrival.

Talking to the right people

In most societies, masculinity means that men are used to keeping things to themselves. For years, they are afraid to ask for help. But, discussing your emotional or psychological issues with regards to your sexual health, relationship or sexuality, and addressing those psychological issues in a structured manner is important if you seek to dive deeper into deriving pleasure out of sex.

Conditioned behaviours and heightened sensitivity around the matter can be countered by understanding the issue on your own first, then maybe seek guidance from a trusted advisor. And a trusted advisor needs to be a judgment-free zone, of course. 

Simultaneously, it’s important to not let the anxiety build on. Seriously, it’s not a big deal. We know you feel sore about it, but hey, there aren’t just a bunch of those annoying people out there- there exist genuine people who will want to help you, hear you out, and be happy for you when you find a solution!

Impotence and erectile dysfunction, amongst many other issues, were once a tragedy for some, but science is progressing and revolutionising to help meet our needs to address even complex issues like PE. All we have to do is to address the in-between with a progressive mindset that would someday help Prof. X. take his time to do what he needs to do before saying goodbye. 

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