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Squeeze Technique: Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Masturbating before intercourse can help prolong the amount of time you last. Premature Ejaculation can be defeated. The squeeze technique will lead to better sex, if done the right way.

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Squeeze Technique: Premature Ejaculation Treatment
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Veena Shinde, MD, DGO, PG & ART, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

Masturbating before intercourse can help prolong the amount of time you last. Premature Ejaculation can be defeated. The squeeze technique will lead to better sex, if done the right way.

If there is one bedrock of manhood, then it would be the ability to “hold the fort” for an indefinite time in the bed.

However, a survey found out that approximately 40% of men suffer from a condition known as Premature Ejaculation(PE). The World Health Organization defined PE as “persistent or recurrent ejaculation with minimal stimulation before, on or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it, over which the sufferer has little or no voluntary control which causes the sufferer and his partner bother or distress.”

PE can occur because of several different psychological and biological factors.

And the good news is that it is easily treatable with the help of counseling, medication, sexual techniques, or a mix of all three.

Today, we will learn more about one such technique popularly known as the “Squeeze Technique.”

What is Squeeze Technique?

Known by various other names such as “the stop and squeeze,” “the pause squeeze technique,” “pinching method,” or “the squeeze method,” it is reasonably easy to learn and practice.

All you have to do is put pressure on your penis right at the moment of ejaculation.

How to use the stop squeeze technique?

The area where the shaft of the penis meets the head of the penis is called the frenulum.In men suffering from premature ejaculation, frenulum stimulation is quite intense.

This sensation is controlled by stopping and squeezing the part just before ejaculation. You can do it once during the session or try it multiple times to extend your time.

The squeeze technique can be performed when you are masturbating or during sex with a partner.

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For masturbation

  • It all begins with stimulating yourself. Maintain the pressure and speed that allows you to remain comfortable. Stop whenever you feel that you are going to climax.
  • When your penis is fully gorged, you will notice an elevated portion in the center of your penile shaft right below the head- that is, the frenulum.
  • Keeping your finger on the frenulum and the thumb on the other side of the penis, start applying the pressure.
  • Initially, you might fumble a bit in finding the right amount of pressure, but it will happen with time and regular practice.
  • Now, once the feeling to ejaculate subsides, resume masturbating. Once you reach the edge, stop and squeeze, and then start again.

Follow these steps at least 4-5 times before finally climaxing. Do not lose heart if you are not able to hold it the first a few times. As is with any new technique, it takes time and patience to do it correctly.

For sex with a partner

Trying anything new between the sheets with your partner can be exhilarating and immensely satisfying at the same time. It helps you in making your bond stronger. However, it is equally essential to discuss with your partner beforehand and bring them onboard. The process of doing the squeeze technique with your partner is somewhat similar to you doing it alone, with few exceptions.

Once you are in bed, demonstrate to your partner how to follow the process. Tell them where to position the fingers on your penis and the amount of pressure you want. Do note that it will take them some time to get used to it and do it right.

  • Allow your partner to practice a few times before starting the “act.”
  • Decide on a word, gesture, or signal to let them know that it is time for them to do the squeeze.
  • Begin your usual sex routine after everything is in place. As and when you find yourself nearing the edge, signal your partner to stop and squeeze.
  • Resume after the urge has gone and repeat the process 4-5 times before orgasming.
Squeeze Technique

How to use the stop-start (edging) technique?

For some men, the squeeze technique can be uncomfortable. They might feel pain because of the applied pressure. If such is the case, then using the start and stop technique can be the next best bet.

This technique, also known as edging, requires you to stop all kinds of sexual stimuli once you are at the cusp of orgasm.

For masturbation

  • Indulge in your regular masturbating process. Slowly and steadily bring yourself closer to the climax.
  • Stop right at the point of no return and take deep breaths. Remove the stimulus of any kind. Allow the feeling to pass.
  • Resume when you feel it is right. Repeat the technique as many times as you want.

For sex with a partner

The start and stop method with a partner follows the same steps. Irrespective of the type of sex you are having, pause before reaching the peak, and relax for a few minutes or more and then resume the activity.

Other in the moment strategies

Apart from the techniques mentioned above, there are other ways to delay premature ejaculation.

Prolong Foreplay

Men often rush to penetrative sex and risk finishing off sooner than required. Instead, it is better to focus on other sexual activities such as kissing, touching, caressing, oral sex, fingering, and more. Pleasuring your partner first will help you in bringing them closer to orgasm while delaying yours.

Wear a climax control condom

Nowadays, several condom manufacturers have released condoms laced with localized numbing agents like benzocaine or lidocaine. They help you in controlling the climax by limiting the sensation on the penis.

Lidocaine, also commonly known as Lignocaine or the delay spray is available as a spray and as a cream. Both serve the same purpose – they numb a sensitive penis to delay your climax and help you last longer.

Apply Topical anesthetic to the penis

You can also buy numbing creams, gels, or sprays and apply them as a topical anesthetic to the penis. These products use the same chemical agents as condoms and use them 10-15 minutes before engaging in masturbation or sex.

Masturbate before intercourse

Masturbating before having intercourse can help you prolong your climaxing time. However, do keep in mind the refractory period you will require before being ready for the sex. Therefore, maintain an adequate time interval between masturbation and sex. Practice the squeeze technique or the start and stop method while masturbating.

Frenulum restoration

As mentioned above, the frenulum has a lot of nerve endings, which makes it very erotic. Men with shorter frenulum tend to suffer from premature ejaculation and have hypersensitive penis heads. In such cases, frenuloplasty or the process of frenulum restoration can be very helpful. It restores the anatomical structure of the penis and decreases the sensitivity in the glans penis.


These methods are instrumental in helping you prolong your orgasm. Just remember to be patient and practice regularly.

However, these might not be effective if you have a case of persistent PE.

If so, consult your doctor about your options and the treatment you’d have to undergo.