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Darkenyl for White Hair Treatment, Benefits, Side Effects, FAQs, More

Have you tried all remedies for white hair but couldn’t find any long-term solution? Darkenyl is your BEST solution for grey hair. Curious to know why? Read on.

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Darkenyl for White Hair Treatment, Benefits, Side Effects, FAQs, More

What is Darkenyl?

Pollution, stress, UV exposure, and unhealthy habits like smoking can cause premature greying of hair. It is perceived as a sign of ageing and affects a person’s self-esteem. To manage this, Switzerland’s Givaudan created a breakthrough innovation – Darkenyl.

When applied directly to the scalp, Darkenyl adds pigments to the hair and restores colour. It is a clinically proven solution for grey hair without any side effects. It is a scientific solution that helps you get rid of harmful chemical dyes to colour your hair.

Darkenyl Ingredients

Darkenyl ingredients include a combination of:

  • N-acetyl-tyrosine
  • Taxifolin glucoside

Taxifolin glucoside, also known as di-hydro-quercetin, is an antioxidant. It reduces the free radical damage that can cause serious health issues like cancer. Free radical damages hair follicles, leading to loss of hair colour. As per a study, taxifolin reduces hair damage by harmful chemicals.

N-acetyl-tyrosine is an amino acid required to produce melanin. Melanin is skin or hair pigment that gives them a dark colour. The process of melanin formation is called melanogenesis.

As per a study on dogs, feeding them tyrosine alters hair colour – although there is no study on humans. It is also found that tyrosine also helps in the production of thyroid hormones, which, as per a study, can restore hair colour and the health of hair follicles.

Darkenyl Benefits & Uses

The benefits of Darkenyl for hair include:

  • The proliferation of stem cells in the hair follicle
  • Promote melanin production
  • Reduce the free radical damage
  • Stimulate the hair pigmentation

The Darkenyl products are used for:

  • Grey or white hair treatment
  • White beard treatment
  • Premature greying of hair treatment

Darkenyl for White Hair Treatment

Darkenyl helps boost melanin production and re-pigment up to 56% of white hair. Melanin production leads to an increase in hair pigmentation, resulting in a reduction of grey hair.

As per a study, continuous use of Darkenyl for four months can reduce white hair by three times. The two ingredients of Darkenyl are also found to be effective for white hair treatment.

Darkenyl also reduces oxidative hair damage and stimulates melanin production. The decrease in oxidation reduces the transitioning of dark hair to grey hair, resulting in lesser grey hair on the scalp.

Darkenyl for Premature Greying of Hair Treatment

The hair pigmentation is due to melanin. Human hair has two types of melanin pigments, eumelanin and pheomelanin. The quantity and ratio of these pigments give a diverse range of hair colours, from black, brown to blonde.

The production of melanin pigment is not a continuous process in hair. It gets stopped at a later stage, leading to loss of pigments and greying of hair.

Though in many cases, because of several factors, including genetics, environmental, diet and vitamin deficiency, it occurs at an early age. It leads to premature hair greying.

As per a study, it can occur before 20-30 years. It can be associated with health conditions like autoimmune diseases or progeria.

As per a study, free radical oxidative damage to hair follicles can also cause greying of hair.

Darkenyl is effective for premature greying of hair treatment. It can reduce the free radical damage and helps in reversing the premature greying of hair.

Darkenyl for White Beard Treatment

The regular use of Darkenyl is an effective grey beard treatment. It fights against grey hair by protecting follicles from oxidation and stimulating hair follicles by creating new melanocytes (melanin cells).

The beard white hair solution also activates melanogenesis which increases melanin production and adds pigment to darken premature grey hair on your beard.

Darkenyl Side Effects

As such, there are no Darkenyl side effects. Also, there are no known drug interactions either. But Tyrosine present in the product can interact with medications for Parkinson's disease, blood pressure, or depression.

If you have any scalp condition, consult a doctor before applying the Darkenyl products. Also, you should do a patch test before applying the product. Apply the product on a small part of the skin to check for any side effects.

To use Darkenyl products, take care of the following things:

  • It can be used once daily, either in the morning or at night.
  • If you are using lotions, oil, or serum, keep it for 3-4 hours to let the Darkenyl seep into the scalp or beard.
  • Vitamin deficiency can also lead to premature white hair. Healthy diet supplements grey hair remedies. Ensure good dietary foods such as eggs, spinach, and other green leafy vegetables to help boost your hair health.
  • Adopt healthy habits, quit smoking, and focus on stress management to prevent greying of hair.
  • Be patient. It takes months to restore hair colour, and also, the time varies among different individuals.
  • Consult a hair doctor before using the product if you have any scalp condition or are on medications.

Darkenyl Products

Darkenyl products include:

  • Anti grey hair lotion
  • Anti-white hair shampoo
  • Anti grey hair for beard and moustache
  • Natural colouring hair mask
  • Hair colour recovery spray
  • Gel for premature grey/white hair

Summing up Darkenyl for Hair & Beard

Many people experience greying of hair on the scalp and beard at an early age. To reverse it, Givaudan’s Darkenyl is an innovative product with practically no side effects.

Darkenyl boosts melanin production and prevents free radical hair follicle damage. It is an effective white or grey hair remedy with zero side effects.


Is It a Permanent Solution to Premature Greying?

Yes, Darkenyl will help grow hair in its natural colour. However, the results vary among people. Also, if the greying occurs because of genetics, you cannot prevent it. But if it is due to dietary and lifestyle habits, it can be reversed.

Is Darkenyl Safe for All Hair Types?

Yes, Darkenyl is safe for all hair types.

Will Darkenyl Cause Itching or Other Side Effects?

No, it doesn’t cause any itching or other side effects.

How Long Till I See Visible Results From Using Darkenyl?

Reversing grey hair is a complicated process. It takes time, around 9-12 months. Also, the cause behind greying hair is different, so the treatment time varies for everyone.

What Is the Best Time to Apply Darkenyl on Hair?

Darkenyl can be applied any time, either at day or 3-4 hours before bedtime. It should be kept on the scalp for as long as possible.

Isn't Greying a Natural Process? Why Should I Stop a Natural Process?

Yes, greying is a natural process, but premature greying is not. It results from an unhealthy lifestyle and excess chemical treatment on the hair. Darkenyl boosts melanin production and increases hair pigmentation.

Can Darkenyl Be Used for a Beard Too?

Yes, Darkenyl is as effective on the beard as it is on the scalp.