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DHT Blocker Exercise | Exercise for Hair loss

DHT blocking exercises are an effective way to stop excess DHT levels in your body. These exercises are a natural way to reduce excess DHT in our scalp.

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DHT Blocker Exercise | Exercise for Hair loss
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Navya Chawdry , M.D. (DVL) Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

It takes a while to conclude that androgens such as DHT can be a significant cause for baldness in men.

Such a phenomenon occurs through deposition of DHT ( dihydrotestosterone) that results in shrinkage of follicles leading to brittle or thinner hair.

The primary question then is how do you stop DHT?

To reduce DHT is not an excruciatingly demanding task. Practicing a health-oriented lifestyle can be your knight in shining armor.

Quitting smoking, exercising frequently, and consuming proper meals are the answers to “how to reduce DHT in the scalp?”

Getting further into details, men can fight DHT by indulging in natural remedies, proper diet, blocking shampoos, medically tested supplements, or even Ayurvedic treatment.

You can also rely on foods to reduce DHT naturally and DHT blocking shampoos to help you reduce DHT in your scalp.

How to Reduce DHT Naturally?

As it turns out, “how to control DHT level?” is not a question still frantically looking for an answer as there are a plethora of solutions to this today.

However, despite the treatment you choose to go ahead with, it is essential to complement it with the right lifestyle.

Certain DHT exercises can greet you with results better than ever as soon as you fall back to the simple question “how to control DHT?”

Maintaining a fine line is always a necessary practice in life. Choosing the right DHT exercise is essential for you to be able to block DHT on the scalp naturally.

Going in for the wrong workout ideas can overturn the impact you’re trying to achieve.

For example, if your central focus lies on how to reduce DHT naturally, indulging in excessive weight-related, heavy exercise can be disastrous as working out increases Testosterone.

This excess testosterone gets converted to DHT and conversion of this DHT beyond permissible levels results in hair fall.

An excellent way to confirm this theory is by taking a look at the various cases of bodybuilders being bald.

Leaping to Action- Reduce DHT

Whether you choose to take the herbal route or any other, here is what you should not forget as long as your concern revolves around how to reduce the DHT hormone. It doesn’t matter what the source of hair troubles is; the first instinct is leaping to action.

Interestingly, you can resort to these basic everyday asanas to address your concern of how to block DHT naturally in the best manner possible.

Hair thinning or excessive hair loss is a warning sign for baldness. You’ve probably been wanting to live through your daunting everyday routines while taking good care of your hair.

In this case, there certainly must be a DHT blocker exercise that can come to your rescue?

Well, there are many! Medically proven and strung with benefits, these simple everyday workout patterns can work wonders for your hair.

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Asanas to Reduce DHT Naturally

1. Utthanasana Reduces DHT Naturally

The typical tadasana pose can be a sheer saviour. While performing this asana, make it a point to keep a straight spine and place your feet a few inches apart. Lengthen the spine through deep inhalation. You can choose to bend your knees to keep possible strains away. Slowly get your fingertips to come in contact with the floor. The weight of your body should ideally rest on the balls of your feet. This simple asana is a good square one when it is about the principal question: how to reduce DHT level in the scalp naturally?

2. Pavanmukthasana Reduces DHT Naturally

Known commonly as the wind-relieving pose, this simple posture encourages ideal blood flow and prevents DHT build up. You can get started by lying down straight on your back. Pull your knee towards your chest with a firm clasp and carry your forehead as close to your knee as possible. Stay in this position for a few seconds while performing light inhalation and exhalation. To relax, first put your head back in the resting position, followed by your feet. If you’ve been continuously looking for the much-awaited answer on how to reduce DHT level, this is another great starting point.

3. AdhoMukhoSavasana Reduces DHT Naturally

All four limbs can easily achieve the downward dog pose. Make sure that you do not compromise the joints, and the knees and elbows remain straight. Pull the stomach in and try to extend the hips out to attain the shape of the letter V. Keep your hands at shoulder distance and place your feet wide enough for proper balance. As you press your palms on the floor, try stretching and elongating your neck. Hold the position for a few inhalations and exhalations. It is another excellent asana you can rely on for regulating DHT and hair loss.

4.Vajrasana Reduces DHT Naturally

A ubiquitous yoga pose such as this can also answer your concern of how to block DHT and regrow hair naturally. Unlike most asanas, this is performable even after meals. All you need to do is bend your knees and sit on your buttocks. Place the sides of your soles as close as possible. Do not compromise the straight line of the spine. Indulge in heavy breathing and relax in about 4-8 minutes.

5. Sarvangasana Reduces DHT Naturally

Although a little difficult for beginners, Sarvangasana is a reliable asana for healthy hair. It is also Popularly known as the shoulder pose. For this, you have to lie down straight with your back on the floor. Try pulling both legs up in the air, consequently elevating the upper body slightly. Keep both your palms pressed on the hip region and let your weight rest on your upper back and shoulder region. Keep pushing the lower back higher up while pulling your legs. Relax slowly as you let the body come back to the original resting position bit by bit.

Despite myriad ways answering how to reduce DHT, these asanas are practical and symbolic of a healthy everyday life. The motto is to be in control of your body and not let it assume control over you. Efficient DHT control is an excellent example of conscious fitness enthusiasts that wish to stay in shape and maintain overall wellness. These essential everyday tips can help you regulate hormone levels and enhance blood circulation for the best results.