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How Small Is Too Small for a Woman? - Every Thing a Guy Should Need to Know!

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How Small Is Too Small for a Woman? - Every Thing a Guy Should Need to Know!

Most men are concerned about their penis size. The majority of them wish they were larger. Debates and arguments among men on how many inches is good enough for a woman are common.

However, there is a lot of scientific evidence available that finds these arguments overblown and misplaced. If you are concerned about how small is too small for a woman, this article is for you.

Average Penis Size: What’s the Normal Size for a Penis?

Porn fantasies among men have misguided them, making them doubtful and ashamed of their penis size. According to a published study, most men believe that the size of an erected penis is about six inches or more. In reality, the study found the average size of an erected penis to be about 5 to 5.5 inches in length.

Does size matter? Well, for men, it is the only and most important characteristic that a woman notices first while in bed. A study revealed that only 55 percent of men were satisfied with the size of their penis, while 45 percent of them wanted it to be larger. Hence proving that size does matter for men.

Evidence suggests that anxiety and depression in men wanting a longer penis have led men with average penis size to seek penis lengthening surgeries. The American Urological Association considers these surgeries and interventions to be risky.

So, what’s the normal size for a penis? The average penis size is approximately five inches when erect, scientific studies report. According to one of the largest studies done on penis size measurement, the average size of a penis is reported to be:

  • Erect Penis: Average length was approximately five inches. The average width was four-and-a-half inches.
  • Flaccid Penis (non-erect penis): Average length reported to be 3.6 inches while the width was approximately the same as in erect position.

Hopefully, now you will not lower your self-esteem and be more confident with your shape and size. Worried what women might think of your size? Well, let’s not give in to any misconceptions and find out what size is too small for a woman.

How Small Is Too Small for a Woman

While men take their penis size too seriously, studies have shown that women do not care. It is a misconception among men that women prefer larger penises.

How small is too small for a woman? As per a study published in the journal of men and masculinity, 85 percent of the women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size. It indicates that women do not care about their partner’s penis size. It is not the only thing she looks for in a male.

A vagina is about 2.5 inches in length, almost half the length of a penis, as per a study. The study reported 3.7 inches as the maximum vaginal length, still short compared to the size of a penis. Hence, for women, the size of the penis might not be a matter of concern to enjoy an orgasm.

How small is too small for a woman? Does the width of the penis matter? As per the reports of a study, the width of the vagina is more at the proximal end and narrows down while coming down. The widest portion of a vagina is only about 1.7 inches, less than half of the penis width that is nearly about 4.5 inches.

Therefore, it is evident that most men will satisfy a woman in terms of the length and width of their penis. Hence, you should abandon all your concerns and be more confident of your size. In fact, according to a study, the majority of the women considered larger penis size to be a problem as it causes pain during intercourse and the risk of vaginal injury.

There are reports available online that more than 50 percent of women do not attain orgasm from penetration alone. They require stimulation of their clitoris to reach orgasm. Therefore, just having a big one does not qualify you to get her to reach orgasm. You need much more skills for that.

In simple words, it is not how deep you penetrate but how you stimulate. Clitoris is a woman's erotic organ capable of erection under sexual stimulation. It needs stimulation to help her attain a nirvanic orgasm. While internal penetration satisfies men more, it is the external stimulation that women want.

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Things Your Man Can Consider if They Feel Their Penis is ‘Too Small’

The problem is not that your penis is too small; the problem is that you think it is too small. So stop thinking that way and feel more confident of your size. According to a study, men who sought surgical and nonsurgical interventions to increase their penis size already had a normal penis with average penis size.

The study mentioned a high complication rate associated with surgical and nonsurgical interventions like injections to increase the width of the penis.

You need more than just sexual penetration to satisfy a woman in bed. You require to do a simple thing: ask! Yes, knowing her preferences is the best way to get her to orgasm.

Confidence, communication, and willingness are all that you need for extraordinary sex. Certain positions, tongue twisters, and erotic music can make all the difference.

Still worried? Things you can consider doing if you feel your penis is too small:

1. Use a Cock Ring

Cock ring will help you get a harder, bigger, and longer erection. Do not use a cock ring for more than 15-20 minutes as it may cause complications.

2. Testosterone Treatment in Case of Micropenis

Micropenis is a rare genetic condition. It may get treated with testosterone in infancy or childhood itself. In adults, testosterone may help get a good amount of blood flow to your penis.

3. Sex Positions Matter

The secret is not in being small or big; it is in knowing how to use it. Correct sex positions can help both partners get satisfying sex and improve their sexual and reproductive health.

  • Doggy style can help you achieve better penetration into her vagina without worrying about the size. You may use some pillows to raise her pelvic area. Make her legs fold near her chest to provide deep penetration down the vagina.
  • Popularly known as the cowgirl position, women sit on your penis and ride it the way she wants. Access to the clitoris is easy, and she can stimulate it when needed. It is perfect for achieving both stimulation and penetration at the same time.
  • Anal sex can be the best for those who find their penis smaller than average. Even the smallest one can tear the thin anal skin with millions of sensitive nerves. Do not forget the lube and go very slow.

4. Be Confident

Confidence is a necessary skill not just in academics, sports, or public speaking but in bed too. Give yourself some self-talk and be self-confident. Being less confident can make you ejaculate quicker.

5. Exercise and Eat Healthy

Exercising daily and eating healthy will ensure a good amount of normal blood flow down to your penis. It helps a great deal to improve your sexual and reproductive health.

Practice exercises that make your hips flexible and stronger. A stronger and more flexible pelvic area improves sexual power and makes you last longer in bed.

How Can You Help Your Man?

If you are a woman and your partner thinks he has got a small penis, consider the following:

  • Do not lie about the size: Acknowledge your partner’s size and make him feel comfortable. A lie is the biggest enemy of a relationship.
  • Give your partner some time: Penis size anxiety is a thing. Give your partner some time to get comfortable with you and himself.
  • Have open communication: Do not fake orgasm. It will make you feel worse and may ruin the relationship. Have open communication about what works for you in bed.
  • Check before asking to insert: Never ask to insert without checking. If he has already made the penetration and you ask to penetrate, his confidence might shatter. Check before you ask for a long-lasting happy relationship.

Summing Up on How Small Is Too Small for a Woman

The size never matters; what matters is how you use it. Confidence, communication, and willingness can make all the difference and help you experience amazing sex. Several sex positions and sex toys can be brought to use to achieve intense orgasms for both men and women.