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Prone Masturbation: Is It Harmful? Plus Other Related FAQs

With the progress of other fields, society has also become more open to sexual intimacy and attitude toward pleasure. One such method is Prone Masturbation. Read more about it here!

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Prone Masturbation: Is It Harmful? Plus Other Related FAQs

With the progress in other fields, society has also become liberal about sexual intimacy and attitude toward sexual pleasure. More and more people are experimenting with different forms of sexual acts to experience sexual pleasure. However, some forms of sexual acts may harm your sexual health. Prone masturbation belongs to this category. Let’s understand what is prone masturbation.

What Is Prone Masturbation?

Prone masturbation is a type of sexual act that is done by lying face down on your chest or stomach. You start by applying pressure on your erect penis by pushing yourself towards the bed. Next, you sexually stimulate yourself by rubbing your penis against the mattress, pillow or floor.

Also known as Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome (TMS), studies show that prone masturbation can result in sexual dysfunction and complications.

Let’s understand why prone masturbation is harmful to you and prone masturbation treatment.

Is Prone Masturbation Bad for You?

Yes, Prone Masturbation is bad for you. It puts extreme pressure on your genitals, corresponding to your weight. While this masturbation may feel self-stimulating, you may experience the following side effects while having sexual relations with your partner.

This is because your body gets used to the pressure on your genitals. The blood flow for an erection and mental preparedness for an orgasm and ejaculation depends on this pressure.

Not being able to perform only adds to your stress and makes you doubt your sexual capabilities.

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Signs That Prone Masturbation May Be Affecting Your Sexual Health

  • When you are masturbating or having sex with your partner and cannot achieve an orgasm or ejaculate, you must know that the cause is prone masturbation.
  • If you do not like sexual intimacy in any other form and cannot enjoy it. This means that your genitals have gotten habituated to the pressure from prone masturbation.
  • If you cannot achieve an erection through self-stimulation or intimacy with your partner and you have been indulging in prone masturbation.

When you are used to prone masturbation, other forms of sexual intimacy do not arouse you as much. The added performance pressure and stress cause your blood flow to reach other organs, not your penis. Hence, it may become difficult for you to achieve an erection through sexual intimacy with your partner.

What Can You Do to Stop Prone Masturbation?

Prone masturbation cure can be achieved by the following:

1. Abstain from Masturbation

Go cold turkey. Refrain from any form of masturbation for three weeks or longer. The break might work for you. Further, it could revive your effort at typical masturbation methods or increase the frequency of sex with your partner.

2. Reduce Frequency of Masturbation

Frequent masturbation that tends to be done repeatedly in a day could make your organs insensitive. Reducing the frequency of masturbation may help build sexual tension or sexual urge, leading to greater sexual satisfaction.

3. Differ in Techniques

Try to indulge in other techniques of stimulation that are less harmful and reduce the risk of potential complications. You can also try using sex toys, which could provide you with a greater sense of arousal than the hand. Using a lubricant can ease the activity further.

4. Curb the Practise of Avoiding Other Sexual Activity

A healthy sexual function is indulging in multiple masturbation techniques and regular sexual intercourse with your partner. Getting satisfied with only a single type of masturbation means closing all the doors to other forms of sexual activity. To treat prone masturbation, you must try to indulge in other forms of sexual intimacy.

5. Make Masturbation a Healthy Practise

Masturbation is indeed a healthy practice that is pleasurable and fun. Make it a bonding experience with your partner. Try different styles with your partner and make them memorable for both. Communicate your needs with your partner and identify the issues.

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Summing Up

Prone masturbation puts undue pressure on your genitals and can cause unnecessary complications. Due to extensive pressure on your organs, you get accustomed to reaching orgasm or ejaculating only when the pressure is applied for a more extended period. Your erection also depends on the amount of force you use on your penis.

Prone masturbation can make you dislike other forms of sexual activity and have sex with your partner. In addition, overuse of prone masturbation may cause delays in sex-related responses in your body. This may lead to disinterest in performing other sexual activities.

Lack of performance and peer pressure can cause you to be stressed. Excessive stress causes your blood to flow to the other body organs, not your penis. This can result in erectile dysfunction.

Try to avoid prone masturbation and look for healthier ways to masturbate and self stimulate. Communicate openly with your partner and understand what can be done to satisfy each other sexually. Consult a doctor in case of any queries related to your style of masturbation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Okay to Prone Masturbate?

No, It would be better if you did not indulge in prone masturbation. Masturbation per se is a healthy activity when done well within control. The technique involved in self-stimulation is also to be taken care of.

Prone masturbation can be harmful to your genitals, as it involves you lying down on your chest on the bed and rubbing your penis against the pillow or the mattress. This causes a lot of pressure to build upon your genitals and may harm your penis.

By masturbating this way, you are training your penis to get used to such pressure. This could delay your response to achieve an erection typically and ejaculate eventually. Your body does not react to lighter stimuli, and you may experience issues in your sexual life with your partner.

Does Prone Masturbation Affect Height?

No, prone masturbation does not affect your height. Your height is based on your genetic make-up and DNA. However, certain factors like nutrition, hormones, and medical conditions may influence your height during your formative or developing years.

Does Prone Masturbation Cause Pimples?

No, prone masturbation does not cause pimples, acne, or skin issues. Pimples or acne are formed when the sebum (an oily substance that lubricates your skin and hair) and dead skin cells clog your hair follicles. The bacteria around them can cause inflammation and result in severe acne.