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Jaggery Benefits

All of us have witnessed our elders having jaggery with their evening tea or post their lavish winter meal. Jaggery is a prominent food item that has multiple health benefits associated with it.

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Jaggery Benefits
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Neha Surywanshi , M.Sc.in Dietetics & Food Service Management, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

More and more men looking for healthier alternatives to white sugar, the newfound hype around jaggery makes complete sense.

This naturally sweetening food item is the rage of the town and for all the right reasons!

All of us have witnessed our elders having jaggery with their evening tea or post a lavish winter meal. But aside from the sweet taste, what makes jaggery a prominent food item are the health benefits associated with it.

Read on to know more about this extraordinary item and what makes it the perfect sweetening option for fitness enthusiasts.

What is Jaggery?

What is jaggery?

Jaggery or Gur Shakkar as we like to call it is unrefined sugar or coarse brown sugar.

Made using the juice of raw and concentrated sugar cane, it is a widely popular sweetener.

A rich source of potassium, jaggery also helps in boosting metabolism and building muscle.

With richness in iron, it also aids in digestion, lung infection, and constipation. It is also known as Nattu Sakkarai or Desi Khand.

Jaggery vs Brown Sugar vs Honey

The reason so many dieticians recommend jaggery as a sweetener is because of its nutrition quotient. The lack of any chemicals and preservatives make it a potent food item.

Many individuals mistake it for brown sugar because of its colour. The reason it appears brown is because of the presence of molasses. Although brown sugar is a prominent alternative to white sugar, it too is processed. That is why jaggery is a healthier alternative in comparison.

Now let’s come to jaggery vs honey. Honey is also a healthy alternative to sugar as it is less processed. It is rich in magnesium and vitamin B. So in honey vs jaggery, both are healthier alternatives to sugar.

Is Jaggery Good for Diabetes?

Is Jaggery Good for Diabetes?​

If you’re a diabetic patient, we’re sure you get sweet cravings all the time, but palm jaggery and diabetes are not compatible.

Although jaggery is a natural sweetener, the sugar content in jaggery is reasonably high. With a high glycaemic index value of 84.4, it’s best left unconsumed.

In life, jaggery and diabetes patients shouldn’t go hand in hand

Jaggery and Weight loss

Are you a fitness enthusiast with a sweet tooth? You’re always asking around, ‘how many calories in sugar’ to no avail? Then we’ve got you covered.

Jaggery is the perfect option for all you weight-conscious gentlemen out there. By boosting your metabolism, it’ll help in burning belly fat.

Additionally, jaggery helps in releasing the harmful toxins from your body and is packed with nutrients required for a healthy diet.

Make jaggery your friend as it’ll accelerate your weight loss journey.

Health Benefits of Jaggery

Ayurvedic Benefits of jaggery

The reason jaggery gets consumed extensively in ayurvedic diets is due to its ability to produce heat.

According to Ayurveda, having jaggery every day, energizes the body and improves digestion because of its hot property. Therefore, jaggery benefits Ayurveda and vice-versa.

Jaggery Purifies Blood

One of the vital organic jaggery powder benefits is that of blood purification. To get results, consume it in a limited manner every day.

Additionally, this magical sweetener also cures pimples and helps in making the skin spot-free.

Jaggery is rich in Iron Content

As we mentioned above, jaggery is rich in iron content. A tablespoon of jaggery contains around 2.2mg of iron. In other words, about 10% of your daily iron requirements that’ll help you in preventing fatigue.

Jaggery is packed with Minerals

A product of sugarcane, jaggery, is also rich in minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, amongst others, jaggery has them all. These minerals prevent infections in the body and boost your immunity.

Jaggery has numerous Skin Benefits

A lesser-known fact about jaggery is that it’s marvelous for your skin and hair. It gives a natural glow to your skin by reducing wrinkles and acne. Rich in antioxidants, jaggery makes your skin look younger and healthier.

Jaggery Benefits you by aiding Digestion

Having jaggery after a meal activates the digestive enzymes in your body that help with digestion. By mitigating in cleansing the liver flush out nasty toxins, it also acts as a detox.

Jaggery increases Metabolism

Jaggery contains multiple essential minerals like potassium that enhance your body’s ability to burn fat and reduces excess water.

If you want to increase your metabolism, then make sure to add jaggery to your diet.

Jaggery eases Water Retention

Water retention is a common condition. It leads to puffiness and weight gain in individuals. To prevent it from happening, eat jaggery as it contains potassium that manages electrolyte balance in your body.

Unlock Jaggery’s health benefits by incorporating it in your diet

Fitness enthusiasts seek food items that are both healthy and comfortably available. Jaggery checks off both the criteria.

With nutritional value and the benefits mentioned above, there is no reason for you to avoid this natural sweetener from your diet. You can add it to your meals, your evening tea, or even to warm water.

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