5 Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair Growth

5 Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair Growth

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Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by Indian men. Everyone experiences hair fall on a daily basis, however, the question is how much is too much?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is normal to lose 50-100 hair strands in a day. 

Humans shed as many as a hundred strands per day. However, a lot of Indian men are losing more than 100 strands of hair a day. 

This is because many Indian men show signs of balding of hair and early greying much sooner than they realize.

For many of us men, this is a very concerning issue. So, how can you stop hair loss and regrow your hair naturally? 

Well, one of the most effective ways of dealing with hair loss is Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurvedic medicine, especially ayurvedic herbal hair oils, are very effective in treating hair fall.

According to ancient Ayurvedic hair care, the best ayurvedic herbs for hair treatment have moisturizing properties. 

Ayurvedic hair treatment focuses on moisturized hair since that translates to naturally stopping hair loss and regrowing hair.
This means that your hair is no longer dry and brittle. 

Ayurveda for hair regrowth is a natural remedy for hair growth. 

In this article, we talk about the best Ayurvedic hair treatment for hair fall and improved hair growth & thickness.

Here are 5 best Ayurvedic herbs to regrow your hair: 

1. Bhringraj for hair growth

bhringraj plant

Bhringraj for your hair loss is the best ayurvedic medicine to solve excess hair loss – more than 100 strands per day.  

What is Bhringraj?

Bhringraj is an Indian ayurvedic herb that can be doubled into an ayurvedic herbal hair oil. 

It is a plant from the sunflower family and the herbal oil for hair loss is extracted from this plant. 

Bhringraj, a popular ayurvedic herb that is best used as a hair oil to combat hair loss.

Bhringraj oil benefits 

  • Bhringraj oil is a known grey hair ayurvedic treatment. 
  • Bhringraj oil is the best ayurvedic medicine to treat a dry and itchy scalp. 
  • Bhringraj is great for hair loss. A traditional bhringraj tel champi improves blood circulation and nutrients to your scalp making your hair thicker and avoiding hair loss. 
  • Bhringraj is a natural remedy for hair regrowth due to its soothing properties of improved blood flow and nutrients to the scalp. 


How does Bhringraj stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally? 

Bhringraj is a natural remedy to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. 

It is used for treating a variety of hair woes. This ayurvedic herb is best known to soften and strengthen hair. 

It activates dormant hair follicles and has the ability to regrow lost hair. 

Thus, bhringraj oil’s natural ability for hair regrowth is so powerful that it can control and delay the stages of male pattern baldness. 

This herb comes in the form of a type of oil and is one of the best herbal oils for hair growth.

How to use bhringraj oil to naturally regrow your hair? 

You can make Bhringraj oil at home by combining bhringraj leaves with coconut oil. Though this is the best natural remedy for hair loss, the process can be arduous – right from finding bhringraj leaves to making the oil. 

In fact, bhringraj works very well with Brahmi oil. Though both are ayurvedic hair care treatments, they have different properties. 

Bhringraj is very different from Brahmi Oil. Bhringraj is best known for hair loss and Brahmi oil nourishes and moisturizes your hair to prevent it from snapping away easily. 

Making this combination at home can be too large an effort. You could check out Man Matters’ Hair Growth Oil enriched with not just one but 5 ayurvedic hair oils. Man Matters Hair Growth leaves no strand unturned with its super effective oil. 

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2.Brahmi for hair growth

Argan oil for hair

Brahmi oil has been crowned one of the best ayurvedic medicine for hair growth and thickness. We will explain why. 


What is Brahmi Oil?

Brahmi oil is a natural remedy for hair growth and a traditional Indian ayurvedic medicine. 

Brahmi Oil is the best ayurvedic herb for thinning hair or weak follicles that lead to hair loss. 

This ayurvedic herbal oil contains alkaloids that activate proteins in your body. The proteins naturally toughen and strengthen your hair follicles.

Brahmi oil lends to ayurvedic hair care with its ability to naturally condition hair from root to tips 

Using Brahmi leaves for your hair is an excellent choice for your hair growth journey.


How is Brahmi and Bhringraj different? 

A lot of people think Brahmi and Bhringraj are the same, but they are not. 

To simplify the difference between the two, let’s look at the plants they are extracted from and what their flowers look like. 

Bhringraj oil is extracted from the bhringraj plant which is part of the sunflower family. Thus, you can associate the bhringraj plant with sunflowers to remember this difference with ease. 

Brahmi is extracted from the Bacopa Monnieri plant which has small white flowers. 


Brahmi Oil’s benefits 


How to use Brahmi to naturally regrow your hair? 

Brahmi is not safe for consumption. This is why many people apply Brahmi oil to the affected area of their hair or skin. 

In case you are not in the mood for a Brahmi oil champi, you can always add a few drops to your bath. It may not be as effective to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally, but some nourishment is better than no nourishment. 

3.Amla for scalp health

What is Amla?

Amla is a fruit packed with Vitamin C which makes it one of the best ayurvedic herbs to maintain hair hygiene. 

This ayurvedic herb is a potent antioxidant that looks after the overall scalp health by removing dandruff and dissolving grease and dirt from follicles. Massaging the scalp with amla oil helps boost blood circulation. This essentially provides nourishment to your follicles, which then promotes hair growth.

Why is Amla good for my scalp health? 

Amla is good for your scalp health because it can stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally. 

This ayurvedic hair treatment strengthens your hair and acts as an ayurvedic grey hair treatment by preventing premature pigment loss from your hair strands. 

Amla is a natural remedy to hair growth as it fights dandruff and dandruff related hair loss.  


How to use Amla to naturally regrow your hair? 

Massage your scalp with amla oil. Amla is known as a natural remedy for hair growth because it boosts blood circulation to your scalp. 

You can also drink fresh amla juice every morning to take care of your overall health. 

Amla provides nourishment to your hair follicles so that your natural hair regrowth is strong and dense.

4.Jatamansi for hair

What is Jatamansi? 

Jatamansi is a small shrub with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

It is helpful in preventing hair fall, dandruff, and any other microbial growth in your hair.

Jatamansi is especially useful for hair that has become dry and brittle. Regular oiling reduces hair fall, promotes hair growth, and makes hair shinier, smoother, and silkier.

How does jatamansi stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally? 

When you massage your hair with jatamansi oil, it penetrates right through your scalp and hair follicles.

Jatamansi is considered to be a natural treatment for hair regrowth as it strengthens your hair roots and strands. 

This ayurvedic herbal oil makes your hair more dense and voluminous. 

Jatamansi is a grey hair treatment in Ayurveda because its medicinal properties prevent your hair from losing its original pigment. 

How to use jatamansi? 

Jatamansi is available in the form of oil. Jatamansi oil is a renowned ayurvedic hair treatment that makes your hair smooth yet strong. 

A combination of ayurvedic herbal oils – Jatamansi oil along with Bhringraj oil is known to prevent premature graying of hair.  

5.Fenugreek (Methi) for hair

What is methi? 

Fenugreek also known as methi is used as a spice in Indian households but is also an age-old ayurvedic herb that is not just restricted to the kitchen. 

Methi is considered to be one of the best ayurvedic medicines since its seeds are a rich source of folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C. 

In addition, the ayurvedic herb also has high protein and nicotine acid content, which are known to be beneficial against hair fall and dandruff, and in treating a variety of scalp issues like dryness of hair, baldness, and hair thinning.

How does methi stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?

A natural remedy for hair growth, methi controls hair loss by nourishing your hair and scalp.

It also fights dandruff. 

How to use methi? 

Methi can be used as ayurvedic hair oil and can be directly massaged onto your scalp and hair strands. 

You can also make a methi hair mask with methi powder and curd. 

Ayurvedic herbs have proved wonders for many of us. Place your trust in these ayurvedic herbs to treat your hair fall and see the change for yourself!


What are ayurvedic herbs for hair ?

Ayurvedic herbs for hair are carefully studied herbs in the Indian Science of Ayurveda that can enable better hair. They have specific properties to help nourish your scalp or hair follicles to improve the quality of your hair.

Are ayurvedic herbs good for hair growth ?

There are certain herbs that are especially good for hair such as Brahmi, Bhringraj, Amla, Methi and more. These herbs can help you achieve better quality and more volumous hair.

Is ayurvedic treatment good for hair fall ?

Ayurvedic treatment is one of the many treatments you can take for hair fall. The advantage of ayurvedic treatment is that the products are completely natural with no chemicals at all.

Does ayurvedic medicine work for hair loss ?

Ayurvedic medicine has been proven to be very effective for hair loss as well as numerous other health and wellness issues. As ayurvedic medicine is completely chemical free, it also has no harmful side effects to your body.

How to use ayurvedic herbs for hair growth?

These ayurvedic herbs can be consumed in a multitude of ways. Commonly, it is taken as a powder mixed with milk, or as a tablet and even as a liquid solution. Depending on which herb you're consuming, the product will come in different form factors.

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